1• Problem / question client


"Asbach Uralt" is the cult classic among German spirits. The most well-know German brandy combines wines and high-quality standards with over a hundred years of experience. Asbach Uralt has been bringing people together for generations. This is manifested in the new slogan "Am liebsten zusammen" (Together is Best). The challenge for the brand has been to convey this new identity to the community. The goal for the next step is emotionalization and capitalization.

2• Strategy

The new identity should be made tangible and literally “graspable” through the “Street Art Edition”, a progressive look and by using digital platforms.

3• Results

We were able to enlist the help of three renowned artists for the implementation, who designed the "Street Art Edition" and the Asbach artwork for the bottle in keeping with the brand claim "Together is Best".

The realization was meticulously planned in advance with a production and editorial schedule, and the first steps and progress in the campaign creation were documented, including the creation of a mural, an elaborate wall painting at the Asbach headquarters in Rüdesheim by the artists.

The content strategy focuses on brand affection (using lovebrand potential) combined with brand attention (performative digital campaign). With a progressive set of measures, we ensure visibility and sales impact:
- Media-neutral motion picture snippets for "multiuse"
- Instagram and Facebook using inspired formats: Reels, Stories, Instant Experiences
- YouTube marketing – with different formats and smart TV targeting of relevant users
- Sales synchronization
- Google & Teads display
- Website integration

The content distribution is closely intertwined with trade, which has excited and convinced numerous trade partners with its targeted concept. And from October 2022, it will excite and convince consumers as well!