1• Problem / question client

We support the Fürstenberg Brewery, which is part of the Paulaner Group, in all digital activities on their marketing calendar: from loyalty and design editions to live experiences as well as product testing campaigns and other point-of-sale promotions that we synchronize with digital communication, for demonstrable image and sales effects.

Fürstenberg connects and inspires people in southern Baden-Württemberg. The staging of the regional lifestyle and "real character" are the focus of all communication measures.

2• Strategy

Just like the “Charakter zeigen” campaign, whose goal was to make Fürstenberg a holistic experience across all digital touchpoints:

- Social: Instagram and Facebook with inspired formats (stories, reels, carousels, instant experiences)

- Moving image content: from campaign films to surprising snippets

- Website: including a simplified registration process

- Display: Google and Teads

- YouTube marketing

- Newsletter

- etc.

Before the campaign launch, we first realized a content production, creating platform-appropriate assets. This, along with a multi-phase media strategy including a sophisticated data and targeting concept from interaction, were central factors for the campaign’s success.

3• Results

With our progressive set-up, we were able to activate in a verifiable manner: cross-medial, emotionalizing, and performing. Attention-grabbing content creation combined with data intelligence, continuous monitoring, A/B testing and specific recommendations in the reporting led to the fact that communication demonstrably made a mark in the market. At the same time, the campaign celebrated outstanding resonance – from the number of applications to the enthusiastic comments of the community.

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