We stimulate and drive business. That is the objective of our work because boosting business is the way to generate wealth and move towards a more sustainable economic and social paradigm in all aspects.

At Lewis & Carroll, we specialize in digital marketing, and the Social Media environment is our forte, working with national and international clients in a wide variety of sectors.

Undertaking research in each market (e.g. opportunities, audience behaviour etc.), we design digital strategies, plan, produce content, manage paid investments, as well as measuring results to optimize resources and maximize outcomes.

We have been familiar with the Social Media environment since it appeared in our lives, relationships and business. That’s why we like to define ourselves as a strategic boutique for managing the relationship between brands and people.

As an agency that connects Spanish speaking audiences with the world, we work to make our client’s dreams come true.

We work as a network to generate wealth. Let’s talk.


Passeig de Sant Joan, 97 08009 Barcelona, Spain 
alicia@lewisandcarroll.com  / jose@lewisandcarroll.com 
+34 (0)93 182 53 72

Alicia Mª Iglesias
Founder and CEO