We are a digital agency that develops strategies, campaigns and creative activations, helping brands to reach their goals by generating value for the people.

We believe that, to reach the objectives at the basis of every marketing and communication strategy, people must be put at the centre.

Starting from the perspective of people means starting from real life, observing and listening to everything that surrounds us, and acting accordingly.

We don’t wait for the future, instead we create it. Defining ourselves as «proactive creatives» because we believe that creativity, today, can’t afford to wait.

Our mission is to make brands relevant for their target audience. To do so, we believe it is necessary to put «social thinking» to the center of every marketing and communication strategy.

Our main services are: digital strategy, social media marketing, influencer marketing, digital advertising, search engine optimization, community management and social customer care.

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We love working with brands that, just like us, look to the future.

Social Factor
Via Donato Creti
53/3 40128 Bologna (Italy)
+39 051 984 3975

Enrico Gualandi
Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
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Fabrizio Fogli
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