Case Study

1 . Problem/question client

In september 2016, Bayer (Bepanthen) asked Somention to start with social media for Bepanthen, the first brand of Bayer which started with social media. Somention creates content for Facebook and Instagram. As of right now, Bepanthen has more than 13.500 followers on Facebook and 2700+ followers on Instagram. The goal of Bepanthen’s Facebook page is to create a bond with mothers.

2. Strategy

We create image and content to publish on Facebook and Instagram, sometimes in collaboration with advertising agency. We also provide 24/7 community management, webcare and advertising. We publish a combination of informative (commercial) posts about their products and emotional posts.

3 . Results

  • Result: Sales increased with 14% after Bepanthen started with social channels.

Bepanthen Facebook:

Bepanthen Instagram: